our story:

Telling stories through curated scents

Founded in 2020 during quarantine, Smells Like is inspired by the energy, places, food and memories that make us who we are. We’re here to tell a story and set a mood through fragrance to deliver you curated scents so you can be surrounded by nostalgia in comfort- wherever that might be.

Meet your scent curators


Jay Waters


Leo Sun | Virgo Rising | Cancer Moon

Jay was born in the Philippines, grew up in Florida and Texas and moved to Brooklyn in 2018. Memory and scent have always been tightly interwoven for Jay and one of his favorite childhood memories is playing around and smelling his mother’s perfume collection. After spending years as a flight attendant, Jay is using his creativity to pursue his passion for fragrance by telling a story or sharing a memory through his curated scents.


Amy Gasaway


Aries Sun | Virgo Rising | Aries Moon

 Although Amy grew up in Oklahoma, she would say NYC raised her. She moved to NY in 2007 and found home in Brooklyn. A natural born free spirit - Amy is energetic and driven with a deep passion for helping others. She has always loved creating her own personal fragrance blends and has a passion for DIY. After a 13 year career in real estate Amy has made the shift to focus on her entrepreneurial endeavors.